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East Greenland and Iceland Northern Lights on Ocean Adventurer

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  •  Photo Credit: Abbey Weisbrot
  •  Photo Credit: Karen Jacot
  •  Photo Credit: Sam Crimmin
  •  Photo Credit: Rogelio Espinosa
  •  Photo Credit: Rogelio Espinosa
  •  Photo Credit: Rogelio Espinosa
East Greenland and Iceland Northern Lights

An Arctic expedition through East Greenland and Iceland is the perfect opportunity to mix nature and culture. From the spectacular icebergs of Scoresbysund, often touted as the world’s most beautiful fjords in the world, to the largest bird cliff in Europe, which is cluttered with cute puffins and other seabirds, there’s something to satisfy every outdoors-y type. And then, the surprising culture and history of this remote region – from meeting the Inuit people and learning about their way of life to the quaint island of Flatey where you can visit a church sporting a mural of Jesus in a classic Icelandic sweater.

    • Sail through the icebergs of Scoresbysund in the Greenland Sea – the largest and arguably the most beautiful fjord system on the planet. 
    • Explore Northeast Greenland over seven full days at sea, which possible landing sites and activities including hiking in Denmark Island, witnessing the beauty of Northeast Greenland National Park and wildlife spotting in C. Hofmann Halvo.
    • Keep an eye out for the Northern Lights in Ittoqqortoormiit – about 500 people call this northern settlement home and it's known as one of the best places for spotting the aurora borealis. 
    • Wander Reykjavik at your own pace with some free time to begin your Arctic adventure. Visit the many museums, cathedrals and galleries or indulge in one of the famous streetside hot dogs.
    • Find home on the Ocean Adventurer. When you're not making on land expeditions or watching for marine wildlife on the deck, you can indulge in the many onboard features. Hit the gym, relax in the outdoor jacuzzi or hang out in the lounge.  
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    • Gardens, Foliage, and Nature
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    Sep 20, 2024 through
    Oct 01, 2024
    Sep 16, 2024 7:00 PM
    11 Nights from
    $13,995.00 (USD)
    Per Person
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    Day Destination
    1 Reykjavik
    2 Reykjavik
    3 At sea
    4-10 Exploring Northeast Greenland
    11 At Sea
    12 Reykjavik
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